DiabetoLog Release Notes

What's new

Version 1.1

  • (new) Dark mode: enable in settings to make in easy on your eyes at night [PREMIUM]
  • (new) Swipe page in the log book: on the Log screen, swipe left or right to go 4 days forward/backward
  • (new) New option in settings to delete all your data stored in iCloud

  • (better) Slightly redesigned input screen for better legibility

  • (fixed) Fixed a bug that could make the bottom menu of the app unusable and forced to kill the app with the task switcher
  • (fixed) Fixed a bug that could make the data entry pane unresponsive on the dashboard screen
  • (fixed) Fixed a bug that could make the restoration of your premium subscription fail
  • (fixed) Fixed a rare crash that could happen when turning on the mirror sync
  • (fixed) The onboarding screen now displays correctly on the iPhone SE screen size