Privacy Policy

and data sharing

DiabetoLog and your data

We (CUBESOFT SARL) do not want your data. We’re interested in selling you subcriptions to the Premium features of the app or (if you’re not interested) in showing you basic advertising.

That is to say that we’ll never sell any of your data to any third-party. Under no circumstances.

We do need however to collect a certain amount of data to operate the app.

Identifiable data

We do not collect any identifiable data per se in the app. We don’t know your name or your email address and we don’t log any IP address.

The only thing that falls loosely in this category is a unique random identifier we generate on your device and that is used to operate the mirror sync feature of the app. This id is only ever shared by the user when he wishes to share it’s data by someone else.

HealthKit data

We use the Apple HeakthKit framework in the following ways:

  • To import your activity data from HealthKit to the app (if you gave us permission)
  • To export your blood glucose and insulin intake data to HealthKit (if you gave us permission and activated the optional feature “Health App Writeback”)

You can find more about Apple’s HealthKit Privacy policy at Apple Privacy Policy


We may copy your data to iCloud in the following cases:

  • You activated the optional feature “iCloud Sync”
  • You activated the optional feature “Mirror Sync”

You can find more about Apple’s iCloud Privacy policy at Apple Privacy Policy

Location data

Your location data is only used if you enable the optional feature “Share location in emergency message”. It will only be used to produce the current address of your location that is shown in the emergency message produced by the app. This information is never shared anywhere except in the text message that you send.

Anonymous data shared with third-parties


We use Firebase for anonymous Crash reporting and aggregated data about app usage. We share with them only anonymous data about things like wich feature is used, which screen is seen … in order to get an understanding of how our users are using the app.

Their privacy policy can be found at: and you can learn more at their Privacy and Security page


We’re using Admob to show Ads to the non-premium users of the app. Admob uses the standard and anonymous iOS advertising identifier. No other information is shared by us with them. Their privacy policy can be found at:

Page last updated on decembre 2018